Get bready!

22 Sep

One of the best parts of having a boo who is musically self-employed is when he decides to take up bread making as a once-a-week endeavor. And not just throwing it in a pan or bread machine, but like, real time-intensive bread making.

The Bread Baker’s Apprentice is an addictive recipe book filled with tips, chemistry, and step-by-steps to make all sorts of fancy loaves. The giant glossy pictures have been most helpful in deciding which loaf to make next, followed by number of days needed (as many as 3!) or number of exotic ingredients. In fact, finding all those special flours has us thinking about growing local grains for our own bakery….ahem… some day!

So far we’ve tried the Anadama loaf (a golden molasses-y slicing bread), the pugliese (creamy white and perfect with just earth balance or toasted for bruschetta), challah (veganized in time for rosh hashanah) and the potato rosemary bread (made with rosemary from mom’s garden, and after a few days delicious as garlic bread, too!)… check ‘em out!

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Shouts to Vegan Dad who is working his way through the same bread book – all vegan!

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